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Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course

In just 6 weeks, learn how to really sustain a nourishing whole-food, plant-based lifestyle in your busy life...with all the RIGHT strategies, hacks and recipes you need!


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 Let's face it. Life is busy & challenging. But it doesn't mean you can't enjoy a healthy & thriving plantnourished lifestyle in the midst of it.

Let's turn that desire now into reality!

Are you ready to make health changes so you can be more active, take less medications and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones? 

Do you struggle with how to get other family members on board with eating plant based to support you and also enjoy it themselves?

Are you frustrated and tired of trying out recipes from the Internet that promise so much but been disappointed because they turned too complicated to follow or didn't deliver on taste?

Do you want plant-based kitchen hacks to cut down prep time so you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen, but instead have time to do what you really want?

Are you looking for lazy delicious plant-based meals you can easily make without having to waste time searching for recipes on the Internet?

Do you want the MOST nutrition packed into each bite that you (or loved ones) eat?

If this is YOU, you’re in the right place!


Eating plant-based doesn't have to be a long laborious process filled with trial and error as you spend hours searching for the 'right' recipes to try, making recipes that risk ending up in the garbage as flops and forcing your family sit through excruciating and unenjoyable meals. You don't have to waste time looking for credible plant-based diet information to follow or spend a ton of money buying expensive ingredients that end up gathering dust on the kitchen shelves.


There's a MUCH easier way!


As part of the 6-week Plant-Powered Life Transformation Course, you'll walk away with:

A mastery of the basics of plant-based eating, so you can reap the powerful health benefits of a plant-powered lifestyle, without sacrificing taste and convenience or long hours in the kitchen

Skills and strategies to support you so you can continue a lifetime of thriving plant-powered health for lasting health transformation! 

√ Support, encouragement & accountability with others on the same path in a group setting 

√ Specially developed easy transition recipes to help you start and sustain plant-based eating with confidence

√ Exclusive access to time-saving kitchen hacks that will cut down your preparation and cooking time & still make delicious flavorful plant based meals that you & loved ones will savor!

Sheena M.

Thank you for making this course! I've been trying out the recipes in your videos, and they are amazing! Thank you for helping me and so many others be healthier. I've tried out the falafel recipe, the hummus, tomato & basil sandwich, and the crunchy chickpea recipes :) All so good! I'm excited to try out more.”  

Bella E.

My entire family loves every recipe from Anna! My husband finds the recipes easy to follow and very tasty! He cooked some dishes from scratch, by himself, including the chia seeds mousse! I had the pleasure of working with Anna to reach our family goal of becoming healthier and cook more plant-based meals. 

So are you ready to reap lasting health benefits while enjoying easy time-saving REAL plant-based meals - all made by spending minimal time in the kitchen? 



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